Tuesday, March 19, 2019

4 Steps To Real Estate Investing (guest blog)

Did You Know that 90% of millionaires have one thing in common? This investment is what
helped countless entrepreneurs into millionaire status.

Real Estate Investing. Many millionaires owe their success to this strategy.

No wonder house flipping has spiked in the last few years!

But real estate investing is easier said than done. With the right tools, you can start real estate
investing and be one step closing to your million.

Step 1: Know Where To Invest

Realtors love to say this: “It’s all about the location.” But there’s a reason why everyone repeats

“Finding the right locations is key to being a successful real estate Investor. In order to
maximize the return on interest of a property it has to be sellable, and if the area is bad, it’s hard
to hit the ROI.” - Loren Howard, Phoenix Hard Money Lender, Prime Plus Mortgages.

How can you find the right areas to invest in?

Thankfully, sites like Zillow and Trulia make it easy to find the right areas. Your ideal investing
locations will have the following:

● Low Crime
● Good Schools
● Room For Growth
● Easy Access To Amenities
● Nearby Business Parks

If your heart is set on a property that does not have some of the following, that is okay. Areas with
strong development promise can be very smart investments, so make sure to keep an eye on
the commercial real estate projections.

2: Know What Kind Of Investment

Know what kind of investment strategy works best for you before you begin looking at properties
will save you a major headache.

The 2 most common types of real estate investing are:

     A. House Flipping
     B. Renting

Similar to the shows, house flipping means that you buy undervalued properties, make crucial
repairs, and ‘flipping’ them for a profit. For first-time investors house flipping can be tricky, as it
requires a lot of capital to not only purchase the property, and fund the repairs. Thankfully Fix
and Flip Loans make funding first-time investments easy.

Some first-time investors find that renting is easy for a first-time real estate investment as it
guarantees a monthly passive income to fuel your other investments. Home Rehab loans are
especially helpful for first-time investors. Home Rehab Loans make upgrading your properties
easy and making it easier to rent your property

3: Pick Your Investing Team

It takes a village. One of the most important real estate tools you can have is a great team
behind you. Here are the top 4 team members you need to have to be a successful real estate

1. Contractor
2. Lender
3. Accountant
4. Realtor

Each of these team members makes real estate investing easy, from building, financing, listing
and keeping the books clean. Finding these valuable team members can be tricky, but a well
oiled investing machine brings you one step closer to successful real estate investing.

4: Fund Your Investments

Many first time investors don’t know where to go for funding. For most real estate investors
finding funds for their first-time investment can be nearly impossible, especially with high credit
scores requirements, proof of income, and other strings attached,

For house flippers looking to fund their first real estate investments, hard money loans say yes,
in a sea of no’s. Hard money lenders use properties After Repair Value (ARV) to determine the
loan amount. That means with a Hard Money Loan you can get funded for the property, and
repairs, and still, make a profit.

Without having to wait for funds, you can purchase more properties and start investing today!

Real Estate Investing can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. By having the following knowledge
and tools you can start investing smarter today.

● Step 1: Know Where To Invest. Pick the right locations in your city that you know will
have high market demand, like those with the best schools, or plans for business parks.

● Step 2: Know What Kind Of Investment. Know the ins and outs of your preferred type of
real estate investment and learn what other real estate investors are doing to be more

● Step 3: Pick Your Investing Team. Make your real estate investing A-team that can help
you find, upgrade, list and fund your investments.

● Step 4: Fund Your Investments. Have funding to put down on great properties before
someone else picks up a great property. Hard money loans are fast, don’t require credit
checks, and are more flexible than a traditional mortgage.

What’s the best real estate investing advice you have received?

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